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Advanced Quality
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The apparel industry, surrounded by need to produce a variety of products in small quantities to meet personalized, diversified taste of consumers and by competition from imported goods, challenges quality, delivery and cost every day.

Many sewing factories are competing to introduce new production systems to improve their productivity and supply products at short delivery time. A task as important as productivity improvements is to improve quality of sewn products. Quality of products is said to reflect the philosophy of the manufacturer. Attentive inspection is a must to prevent product from being shipped out with hand sewing needles or sewing machine needles left inside. A needle detector is one of the most important inspection equipment in quality control of sewn products.

The production line in sewing factories consists of processes of cutting of raw materials, sewing, finish, inspection and packaging. Product coming out of the production line are packed in cartons and shipped out. In the normal production line, a conveyor type needle detector is installed after the finishing process to check for needles in products. In other arrangement, inspected and bagged products are passed trough the needle detector.

There are other types of needle detectors available to accommodate various types of apparels or various types of products contracted to sewing contractors.

Quality is one of the biggest pillars to support the manufacturer. Attend to "peace of mind" in your products with the needle detector.

  • ND-398 - conveyor mounted needle detector.
  • ND-757 - conveyor mounted needle / metal detector
    suitable for wide products.
  • ND-37A - table top needle detector.
  • ND-10A - hand held needle detector.
  • NS-0300 - wide search coil needle detector
    for continuous web and other wide products.
  • ND-758 - high sensitivity wide search coil needle
    / metal detectors for continuous web and other wide
  • NS-5107 - automatic needle inspection and handling
    system for hanger lines

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on to discuss your application.



Needle Detectors from Nissin

ND-398 conveyor mounted needle detector


Needle detection system for apparel industry

ND-37A table top needle detector


Needle detection system for apparel industry

ND-10A hand held needle detector


Needle detection system for apparel industry

NS-5107 automatic needle detection and handling system for hanger line

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